• Image of Sacramence-Lovers Seek Dominance LP

"Three years ago, Sacramence took a bold, conclusive step away from its earlier Black Metal sound to release its first full length album, Lovers Seek Dominance. Richly layered and dense, the music on LSD expands on the templates set by the early industrial pioneers of the first wave of the 1970s and 80s. You can hear alternating traces of Throbbing Gristle at their most dreamy and harrowing, while Front 242-esque rhythms coil in and out throughout the album. Influences from the early roster of industrial legends are abundant, from NON to Nurse With Wound, as the album transitions from dance tracks, to slower, martial rhythms, to chaotic, sample-heavy noise pieces."

"And yet through all this, the sound here is unified by the overarching mood of Sacramence- a mood of organic coldness and apprehension towards human life; an apprehension that gives Lovers Seek Dominance its beauty and emotional pull. This mastery of structure and ability to introduce a number of surprising ideas into each song, is what makes it stand head and shoulders above most contemporary industrial music."

This LP version contains an exclusive bonus cover song, "Fields" by Death in June.

Edition of 100
KV007 (US)