Prurient-Casablanca Flamethrower CD

  • Prurient-Casablanca Flamethrower CD

"Casablanca Flamethrower is Prurient’s first proper full length for Tesco Organization. Thirteen tracks of doom electronics crowded by voices of industrial cynicism focused on four theatres (corridors of violence):

Ural tracers, Guadalcanal Necrophilia, Normandy Reaper, Casablanca Flamethrower…"

"Casablanca Flamethrower deals with alternative histories. About hidden allied war crimes. The wild and ferocious airborne divisions once they passed the beachhead and their fateful encounters with civilians. About forgotten victims and known memorials. We deal here with the memorials we see that were created after the fact. By ’hiding what is known’ we see another history, another past… a past without a future!"

CD comes in a gatefold mini-LP sleeve with silver print, special inside print, and printed innersleeve with artwork by The Grey Wolves. 20-page booklet included!

Tesco (DE)