Nigrum Ignis Circuli-Contra Mundum CS

  • Nigrum Ignis Circuli-Contra Mundum CS

"Reminiscing about the last decade in what underground Black Metal is concerned, it is virtually impossible to ignore the importance of the Bosnian Black Plague Circle and its tremendous output of ghastly, haunting Black Metal. Back in time, one of the foremost entities out of this conclave was Nigrum Ignis Circuli, a project which apart from its prominent body of work has been dormant since 2014."

"Now, Contra Mundum strikes in awe and wonder, two new tracks of utterly intense sinister Black Metal driven by anguish and decadence. Whether on mid-tempo stomping outbursts or ravishing storms of hatred, Contra Mundum carries the Blood and Fire of genuine Black Metal angst, inarguably the best material crafted by the Bosnian horde to date."

Black Gangrene (PT)