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Sunken Cheek-Familiar CD

  • Sunken Cheek-Familiar CD

Found Remains is proud to present Sunken Cheek's Familiar on pro Digipak CD. Originally released on cassette in 2017, Familiar now includes two new songs for the CD format, "Folding Staircase", originally released on the Through a Glass Darkly compilation, and "Still Have the Keys," an exclusive bonus song. This CD has been mastered by Familiar's original engineer maestro, Josh Bonati, for maximum audio damage.

A foreboding tension clouds you like a fog while experiencing Sunken Cheekā€™s Familiar. Presenting a more skeletal recording than 2016's Tempered Exhaust, Sunken Cheek uses restraint to create a genuine unease. Uncomfortable tape loops and explosions of scraping metal lead you to assume that Familiar will end in a crescendo of noise. However the final song, "Extension of Ownership," concludes it all on a morose but elegant soundscape of hazy ambience and reflections on perceived identities. If anything, Familiar unravels the cruel truths we are all too weak to accept.

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